Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Nevada Division of Forestry Create Combined Wildland Fire Crew to Confront the Wildfire Crisis

June 14 2024

Sparks, Nev., June 14, 2025  – A new agreement between the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and the Nevada Division of Forestry will enhance safe and effective wildfire response across Nevada. The centerpiece of this partnership is the creation of the joint Arc Dome Wildland Fire Module that is focused on planning, monitoring, and responding to wildfires. This initiative represents in shared resources to confront the wildfire crisis.

“Through partnerships with agencies such as the Nevada Division of Forestry, we can maximize the use of shared resources to effectively mitigate fire risk,” said Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Supervisor Jon Stansfield. “Fire is a concern for our entire state, and this partnership is part of the long-term shared stewardship strategy to reduce the threat to our communities and natural resources.”

Wildland fire modules are versatile, highly mobile, and logistically independent 10-person crews that not only respond to wildfires, but also harness technical and ecological expertise of the role of fire as a natural process, using it to mitigate wildfire risks. In other words, modules like Arc Dome can respond to wildfires in the backcountry for multiple days with minimal logistical support. When not actively fighting fires, they plan, implement, and monitor fuels reduction projects, such as prescribed burns, and support wildfire prevention education and outreach in local communities.

Arc Dome is the first federal-state wildland fire crew in Nevada’s history. “What makes them so unique and special is that we’re able to bring together skillsets that the USDA Forest Service typically uses and those that Nevada Division of Forestry is known for,” explained Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Fire Management Officer Gwen Sanchez. “Combining those skillsets creates a type of super crew, capable of operating across Nevada.”

The Forest Service has well-established history of cooperating with the Nevada Division of Forestry before, during, and after wildfires, with Arc Dome representing a natural evolution of this longstanding relationship. “Our wildfires know no boundaries and neither should our response,” expressed State Forester Firewarden Kacey KC. “We are united to do what’s best for Nevada and Nevadans.”

The Arc Dome Wildland Fire Module is based out of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest’s Ely Ranger District in Ely, Nevada. Earlier this week, the module participated in a preparedness review to ensure they met national wildland fire standards for operations and performance. This module will not only be a statewide resource, but a national one as well.

Arc Dome crew members preparing to start wildfire simulation.