Services & Products

The Nevada Division of Forestry offers a variety of services for land managers and the public. Please peruse the services shown below or contact NDF with any services-related questions.


Funding Opportunities (Grants)

Urban and Community Forestry Grants
Conservation Education and Outreach Grants
Hazardous Fuel Reduction Grants
Community Forest and Open Space Grants
Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Education Grants
Conservation Easement Acquisitions Grants
Forest Health Improvement Grants
Landscape Scale Restoration Grants
Endangered Species Conservation Grants
Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Grants
Federal Excess Property (FEPP) Firefighting Equipment Funding

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Hand Crews for Hire (Conservation Camps)

Hazardous Fuel Reduction and Timber Stand Improvement
Defensible Space Implementation
Stream and River Restoration
Weed Spraying and Herbicide Application
Prescribed Burning and Wildland Fire Fighting
Hand Seeding and Post-fire Rehabilitation


Machinery & Equipment for Hire

Hazardous Fuel Masticators
Cable Logging and Yarding
Biomass Hauling
Slash Chipping
Biochar Production Kilns
Broadcast and Rangeland Drill Seeders
Helicopter Aerial Seeding


Permitting, Monitoring & Compliance

Christmas Tree Cutting and Shipping Permits (Private Lands) (NRS 527.060-.120)
Cactus and Yucca Harvest Permits, Tags and Shipping Permits (NRS 527.060-120)
Timberland Conversion Certificates (NRS 528.082-090)
Stream Zone Variances (NRS 528.053)
Logging Permits (NRS 528.042-047)
Timber/Forest Product Cutting and Transportation Permits (private lands)
Erosion Control Inspections (NRS 528.055-057)
Tractor Logging Slope Variances (NRS 528.048)
Forest Insect and Disease Surveys and Quarantine (NRS 527.130-230)
Threatened and Endangered Plant Permits (NAC 527.250-460, NRS 527.260)


Public Education (Youth & Adult)

Natural Resource Conservation
Tree Planting and Care
Wildland Fire Prevention
Fire Adapted Communities Preparedness



Agency Accomplishments
Natural Resource Management
Biomass and Forest Products
Trees and Plants
Programs, Planning and Strategies
Hazardous Fuel and Wildfire


State Conservation Nurseries & Seedbank

Adapted Trees and Shrubs
Bulk Firewood Logs
Bulk Restoration Seed and Mixes
Contract Growing Services
Cold Seed Storage
Locally Collected Native Seed
Native Trees, Shrubs, Grass, Forbs and Wetland Plants


Technical Assistance

Aviation Services for Natural Resources
Natural Resource Management Planning
Wildfire Restoration Planning
Prescribed Fire Planning
Hazardous Fuel Reduction Planning
Community Wildfire Protection Planning
Seed Mix Formulation
Forest Health Inspection and Diagnosis
Urban Forestry Planning
Forest Legacy Conservation Easement Planning
Sagebrush Ecosystem Credit System Consultation


Urban & Community Forestry Assistance

Community Forest Inventories
Big Tree Nominations and Measurements
iTree Reports
Tree Canopy Assessments
Tree City or Tree Campus USA Consultation


Wildland Fire Management Services

Aviation Services for Wildfire
Type II Hand Crews & Engines
Fire Protection Equipment Provisioning
Incident Business/Resources for Fire Departments
Wildland Fire Training


NDF Services & Locations (Printable Version)

If you need a printable document listing our services and contacts, as well as a map of our locations, please download the PDF below.

NDF Services, Contacts and Locations Document (PDF)