NDF Transfers Wildfire Engine to Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department

July 05 2022

Carson City, NV -The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) transferred ownership of a Type III wildfire engine to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department, as part of NDF’s ongoing efforts to support firefighting capabilities among partner agencies throughout the state. 

The engine transfer is the result of the Wildland Fire Protection Program (WFPP), a partnership agreement to increase capacity and reduce wildfire risk in Nevada. NDF introduced this voluntary program in 2013 to support local government fire protection agencies with the increasing costs of wildland fire fighting activities, while collaborating to reduce risk in their jurisdiction.

Type III wildfire engines are four-wheel-drive vehicles that can drive through rough terrain, with crew of between three and five, to respond to a fire or rescue. They can perform the wildfire suppression technique known as pump-and-roll, where the engine drives with the pump engaged, while a firefighter uses a hose to spray water on the fire.  The engine will help the Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department attack wildland fires both within their jurisdiction ­— 6,700 acres —, neighboring areas and other parts of the State as needed. 

“NDF is excited for this new partnership with the Reno-Tahoe Airport Fire Department. We are able to provide a wildland fire apparatus so they can quickly attack wildland fires within their jurisdiction,” said Kacey KC, State Forester for NDF.  “Wildfire risk and occurrence are growing across Nevada. Agencies cannot tackle this issue alone.  These partnerships before, during, and after the fire are critical to success in protecting lives, property and ecosystems in Nevada for future generations.”