Our Vision

NDF is a valued and relevant public agency that uses a collaborative process to deliver science based natural resource management and protection promoting resilient landscapes, fire adapted communities, and safe, effective wildfire response provided by employees that embrace the core values of duty, respect, and integrity.

Our Mission

The Division of Forestry provides professional natural resource and wildland fire management services to Nevada citizens and visitors to enhance, conserve and protect forest, rangeland and watershed values, endangered plants and other native flora.


Continue to improve the health and vigor of Nevada’s watersheds and diverse ecosystems through increased technical assistance to landowners and land managers; develop partnerships with Federal, state and local agencies and the private sector; enforce state laws and regulations; promote scientifically-based conservation and best management practices; and educate the public on land stewardship ethics.

Actively protect, enhance and manage the natural resources of the state through education, technical transfer and revegetation of wildfire-damaged lands.

Provide scientifically-based conservation and environmental education programs utilizing Nevada’s natural resources and their management as educational opportunities.

Improve the environment of our cities and communities by increasing the planting of trees and improving the care and maintenance of existing trees.

Promote public awareness about the important role community resources play in the quality of life for all Nevadans.

Historical Archives about Forestry in Nevada

State Fire Warden Position

The Division of Forestry is funded from the state of Nevada and with grants from the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies.