Fire Adapted Nevada Partnership

In wildfire-prone areas, fire adapted communities reduce the potential for loss of human life and injury, minimize damage to homes and infrastructure, and reduce firefighting costs by taking the necessary steps to prepare properties and people before a wildfire.

  • Who We Are

    Fire Adapted Nevada (FAN) is a multi-agency initiative led by NDF that works with our neighbors and agency partners to create fire adapted communities.

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  • What We Do

    Learn how to live more safely with the threat of wildfire. There are steps that residents and communities can take before a fire occurs.

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  • How to Join

    Commit to advancing the practice of fire adaptation and to sharing and learning with other community wildfire resilience practitioners.

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What is FAN?

Fire Adapted Nevada (FAN) is a Multi-Jurisdictional Fuel Reduction and Wildfire Prevention Strategy. Members are a group of dedicated professionals committed to protecting life, property and the environment throughout the State of Nevada through proper management of the forests to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire, thereby protecting communities, while safeguarding the natural resources of Nevada. FAN is overseen by a Multi-Agency Coordinating Group which includes the BLM and USFS, regional and local agency executives.

Photo Credit: Reno Gazette Journal, 2022.

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

The goal of a CWPP is to define and identify a community’s priorities for the protection of life, property, shared assets, and infrastructure in the event of a wildfire. Moreover, CWPPs allow communities to influence were and how to implement fuel reduction and other wildfire prevention and mitigation strategies...

Highlighted Projects

Western Region
Spooner Landscape Resilience Project
The Spooner Landscape Resilience Project is a 300-acre environmental improvement initiative, spearheaded by the Nevada Tahoe Resource Team and the Nevada Division of Forestry.
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Western Region
Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project
The Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Reforestation Project was funded through a US Forest Service Hazardous Fuels Grant, to improve forest and riparian health in Lot X...
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Northern Region
Ruby Lake Estates Project
In partnership with the United States Forest Service, Conservation Crews from Wells and Carlin began work on the Ruby Lake Estates project in October of 2020. Located on the Southeast side of the Ruby Mountains...
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