Urban & Community Forestry Grants

The Urban & Community Forestry program provides funding to local governments, educational institutions, Native –American tribal governments and non-profit groups for projects that plant trees and increase the benefits of tree canopy, create and support long-term and sustained urban and community forestry programs, and promote the care of trees in communities throughout Nevada. We welcome proposals that advance Nevada's strategic urban forestry goals, which are defined in the 2020 Nevada Forest, Range, and Watershed Action Plan, as follows:

  1. Develop and maintain strong partnerships with key stakeholders that can contribute to urban and community forest planning including design, establishment, and maintenance
  2. Promote the role of urban and community forestry in human health and wellness, local economies, ecosystem services, and urban livability
  3. Improve urban and community forest management, maintenance, and stewardship
  4. Diversify, leverage, and increase funding for Urban and Community Forestry activities
  5. Increase public awareness and environmental education to promote urban and community forest stewardship
  6. Cultivate diversity, equity, and leadership in the urban forest management community

Urban & Community Forestry grants are supported through federal funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service (USFS).

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Current Grant Opportunities

The Nevada Division of Forestry is receiving applications for two grant programs: the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program and the Community Forestry Assistance Grant. Both grants are supported through federal funding from the USDA US Forest Service, to promote tree planting, sustainable urban forestry programs, workforce development, and community tree care across the state.

IRA Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program

IRA Grants at a Glance
Visit the IRA Urban & Community Forestry Grants Page

Community Forestry Assistance Grant Program

The Community Forestry Assistance (CFA) Grant Program offer a maximum award of $25,000 with a 20% match requirement, totaling $100,000 allocated for projects across Nevada. Projects funded through this initiative are supported through a collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service (USFS). Unlike IRA-funded grants, projects and programs can be executed anywhere in the state. For more information about this grant and to apply, visit the program's webpge.

CFA Grants at a Glance
Visit the Community Foresty Assistance Grants Page

Four volunteers planting a tree during an Arbor Day event. Three of them are holding shovels, while posing around a tree about to be planted. Mountain Alder Volunteers during an Arbor Day tree planting event in 2018.