Wildland Fire Management

Wildland Fire Protection Program

The Nevada Division of Forestry provides wildfire protection statewide through its Wildland Fire Protection Program (WFPP), which was approved by the Nevada State Legislature in 2013. The program was developed to defend the people and lands of Nevada against wildland fire through collaborative and comprehensive use of fire suppression, prevention and restoration resources available through the state. It works to address current challenges facing federal, state, and local governments which include fighting year-round wildland fires, escalating fire suppression costs, cheatgrass and other invasive species, expanding Wildland Urban Interfaces, scattered capabilities and jurisdictions, tight budgets, and declining federal resources and cost shifting.

The Wildland Fire Protection Program allows the State to provide financial assistance with wildland fire costs, increased suppression resources and coordination, incident management assistance, and technical expertise to participating fire protection districts during a wildfire. The Division also operates under cooperative agreements with federal agencies and other states.

The Division maintains an air operations program which also includes access to Nevada National Guard helicopters, statewide dispatch and radio systems, wildland fire engines, crews and equipment, trained firefighting inmate conservation crews and experienced wildland firefighting personnel and leadership to ensure safe and aggressive fire suppression. The Division also assists local government with response and recovery efforts for natural disasters.


WFPP Cooperator Web Forms

The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) has developed a series of web forms to assist Wildland Fire Protection Program (WFPP) members in submitting important information used to track assistance and reporting metrics, including the WFPP Cooperator Project Request Form and the current WFPP membership list/map.

Screenshot showing the WFPP Cooperator Project Request Form.

WFPP Project Request Form

The NDF WFPP Cooperator Project Request Form should be used by cooperating agencies to submit WFPP related projects to NDF Fire Program staff. Form submissions are recieved by regional staff and are reviewed on a regular basis.

WFPP Project Request Form (Login Required)


Screenshot showing the WFPP Cooperator Wildfire Form.

WFPP Wildfire Submission Form

The NDF WFPP Wildfire Submission Form should be used by cooperating agencies who do not have access to mobile mapping applications (ex: ArcGIS Collector or Field Maps) to submit WFPP wildfire incident information on an ongoing basis.

WFPP Wildfire Submission Form (Login Required)

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Southern Region
Pinyon-Juniper Encroachment Project
This project improved sagebrush habitat and riparian health on approximately 300 acres by reducing the impact of encroaching conifers on sagebrush ecosystems...
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NV Energy-SB 508 Initiative
This initiative will fund wildfire fuel reduction, wildfire suppression resources, and restoration/rehabilitation treatments across Nevada within or adjacent to NV Energy Service Areas...
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