Wildland Fire Management

Volunteer Fire Department Assistance

Rapid population growth places an increased demand on volunteer fire departments by a public, which expects a high level of quality service. The Volunteer Fire Assistance Program (VFA) provides an excellent opportunity for qualifying volunteer fire departments to request and receive training and purchase equipment and supplies such as protective clothing, self contained breathing apparatus, hose nozzles, radios, pagers, pumps, generators, and other fire equipment. The Volunteer Fire Assistance funds enable rural fire departments to respond to wildfires, especially in the wildland urban interface areas. The Division of Forestry awards these funds through a competitive grant process and this program benefits Nevada residents and visitors alike. For more information on the VFA program from our federal funders, please visit the U.S. Forest Service VFA  webpage.

Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer firefighter? Learn about Nevada volunteer firefighter opportunities by visting the Nevada Fire Chiefs website. If you find a fire station seeking volunteers near you, you can apply online here. Most volunteer firefighter positions don’t require experience, training is provided and volunteering can be a path to becoming a paid firefighter.  Volunteering at your local fire station is also a great way to give back to your community.


Funding Opportunities

Grant applications are solicited periodically by NDF. Please visit our funding opportunities webpage to view NDF’s current solicitations for grant applications.

Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant

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