Wildland Fire Management

Nevada State Incident Business

Nevada Incident Business provides supporting documents and effective business practices for wildfire, non-fire and FEMA emergency response.

Nevada's New Digital Fire Billing System (FBS)


State Agreements & Plans

2023 Nevada Master Cooperative Wildland Fire Management Agreement (PDF)
2022 Nevada FEMA (FMAG) State Agreement (PDF)
2022 GBCC Interagency Operating Plan (PDF)
2022 Cal Fire Cooperative Interstate Agreement (PDF)
2013 CFMA Operating Plan (PDF)


State Protection Agreements & Contracts


Nevada National Guard Agreement - Update Coming Soon (PDF)
SEAT Contract - Update Coming Soon (PDF)
Scooper Contract - Update Coming Soon (PDF)

Western Region

Central Lyon Fire Protection District (PDF)
Churchill County Fire Protection District (PDF)
City of Reno Fire Department (PDF)
Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (PDF)
City of Sparks Fire Department (PDF)
East Fork Fire Protection District (PDF)
Mason Valley Fire Protection District (PDF)
North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District (PDF)
North Lyon Fire Protection District (PDF)
Pershing County Fire Protection District (PDF)
Smith Valley Fire Protection District (PDF)
Storey County Fire Protection District (PDF)
Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District (PDF)
The Consolidated Municipality of Carson City (PDF)
Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (PDF)
Washoe County Fire Protection District (PDF)

Northern Region

Elko Fire Protection District (PDF)
Eureka County Fire Protection District (PDF)
Humboldt County Fire Protection District (PDF)
Lander County Fire Protection District (PDF)
White Pine County Fire Protection District (PDF)

Southern Region

Boulder City Fire Department (PDF)
Clark County Protection District (PDF)
Esmeralda County Protection District (PDF)
City of Henderson Fire Department (PDF)
Las Vegas Fire and Rescue - Update Coming Soon (PDF)
Lincoln County Fire Protection District (PDF)
Mesquite Fire and Rescue (PDF)
Moapa Valley Fire Protection District (PDF)
North Las Vegas Fire Department - Update Coming Soon (PDF)
Nye County Fire Protection District (PDF)


Additional Resources

2022 Nevada Incident Business Operating Guidelines (PDF)
2022 NWCG Standards for Interagency Incident Business Management (Link)
2022 GBIBC Payment Toolkit (PDF)
2022 Great Basin OWCP Illness and Injury Incident Guide (PDF)
2022 Nevada State Vendor Registration Form (PDF)
2022 NDF Regions Map (PDF)



2022 Incident Only EERA with Clauses Form (PDF)
2022 General Clauses to EERA Guidance (PDF)
2022 Additional Equipment List for EERA Form (PDF)
2022 Great Basin Standard Cost Spreadsheet (XLS)
2022 Great Basin Cost Share Template (PDF)
2022 Nevada Land Use Agreement Checklist and Guidance (PDF)
2022 Nevada Land and Facility Use Agreement Form (PDF)
2022 Nevada Land Use Intake Form (PDF)

Highlighted Projects

Western Region
Spooner Landscape Resilience Project
The Spooner Landscape Resilience Project is a 300-acre environmental improvement initiative, spearheaded by the Nevada Tahoe Resource Team and the Nevada Division of Forestry.
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Western Region
Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project
The Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Reforestation Project was funded through a US Forest Service Hazardous Fuels Grant, to improve forest and riparian health in Lot X...
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Northern Region
Ruby Lake Estates Project
In partnership with the United States Forest Service, Conservation Crews from Wells and Carlin began work on the Ruby Lake Estates project in October of 2020. Located on the Southeast side of the Ruby Mountains...
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