Western States Fire Managers & Hazardous Fuel Grants

All WSFM WUI and HF-CP rough draft applications are due by 7/15/2024.

The Nevada Division of Forestry is now accepting preliminary proposals for the following competitive grants addressing wildfire prevention and mitigation in Nevada:

  • Hazardous Fuels-Community Protection (HF-CP) Grant – These grant funds support hazardous fuels reduction projects and restoration of fire-adapted ecosystems. Projects must be located on private property that is adjacent to US Forest Service lands. Please email your pre-proposal to barry.stone@forestry.nv.gov.
  • Western State Fire Managers (WSFM) Grant – These grants will provide funds to mitigate wildfire risks within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), with emphasis on hazardous fuels reduction, community outreach, wildfire risk assessment, planning, and monitoring. Please email your pre-proposal to barry.stone@forestry.nv.gov.

Interested applicants should contact Barry Stone, Cooperative Forestry & Community Protection Coordinator, at barry.stone@forestry.nv.gov or at 775-684-2511 for a more detailed description of the grants, selection criteria, scoring, and other relevant information. Late, incomplete, or faxed pre-proposals will not be considered.

Eligible applicants include state and local agencies, tribes, non-profit organizations, companies, homeowners associations and educational institutions. 


Reviewing Past Applications

Reviewing past successful applications is helpful in preparing competitive projects and proposals. The applications below provide good examples of content and format that clearly describe the project, address the scoring criteria and explain how funding will be used.

To view past successful WSFM applications, please visit the CWSF/WUI Proposals webpage. To view past successful HF-CP applications, please review the following grant applications: 

2020 Diamond Peak Project Application (PDF)
2020-2021 Montreux Project Application (PDF)
2018 Johnson Lane-Indian Hills Project Application (PDF)
2018 Jobs-Sheridan Project Application (PDF)


Application Materials

Grant Overview Presentation (PPTX)
2023-24 NDF Request for Pre-Proposals Instructions (PDF)
2022 Western States Fire Managers scoring Aid (PDF)
2022 Budget Development Guidelines & Restrictions (PDF)


Application Forms & Worksheets

2023 Western States Fire Managers Application Worksheet (PDF)
Hazardous Fuel-Community Protection Application Form (PDF)