Non-Traditional Section 6 Grants

The submission window ends 12/13/2023 for F24AS00055 and 1/2/2023 for F24AS00053, F24AS00054.

Eligible applicants include State, County, non-profit, or private organizations that seek to increase the viability and sustainability of ESA listed and candidate species in Nevada.

More than half of all species listed as endangered or threatened spend at least part of their life cycle on non-federal lands. The USFWS and NDF recognize that success in conserving species requires working cooperatively with local communities to foster voluntary stewardship efforts on non-federal lands. Tools are available under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to help States and landowners plan and implement projects to conserve species. This program offers Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Funds for Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Planning Assistance, HCP Land Acquisition, and Recovery Land Acquisition Grants). Grant applications must include 25% non-federal in-kind or cash match. Grant applications must be provided to NDF no later than 5 pm PST on 12/13/2023 for F24AS00055 and 1/2/2023 for F24AS00053,F24AS00054. Please note that earlier indication of intent to submit needs to occur so that NDF can honor the requirement that NDF confer with the USFWS before submittal; NDF is available to cooperators to provide solicitation review and suggested edits. For more information, please see the Notice of Funding Opportunity, Region 8 listed species and candidate species lists.


Application Materials

F24AS00053 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund: Conservation Planning Assistance (PDF)
F24AS00054 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund: Recovery Land Acquisition Grants (PDF)
F24AS00055 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund: HCP Land Acquisition (PDF)
Updated FY24 CESCF At-Risk Species (PDF)