Natural Resource Management


Photo showing a large stack of seed bags at the NDF seedbank warehouse.

The seedbank provides seed collection, purchasing, processing, storage and distribution services to landowners and land managers throughout Nevada. The seedbank also provides specialized equipment necessary to successfully implement seedings as a way to reduce excessive erosion, invasive species, and other negative impacts caused by wildfires and other disturbances. The Nevada Seedbank was created with funds from an EPA Non-Point Source 319(h) Grant and Nevada Legislature SB 579. 

The Seedbank’s first year of operation in 1996 was a busy one. 68,816 pounds of seed were applied to 8,581 acres among eight different rehabilitation projects. The Autumn Hills Fire in Douglas County was among the Seedbank’s projects in 1996. Almost 39,000 pounds of seed were applied to over 2,100 acres.


Seedbank Program Benefits

  • Rehabilitation of fire suppression-related damages immediately after or during a wildfire.
  • Assistance to the Natural Resources Conservation Service in cooperatively implementing Emergency Watershed Protection projects on private property.
  • Assistance to private landowners and public land managers with individual wildfire rehabilitation projects on a cost/reimbursable basis.
  • Assistance to private landowners and public agencies on conservation treatments on their lands to reduce soil erosion, increase plant diversity, improve wildlife habitat, improve water quality and reduce the threat of wildland fire.

Seedbank Program Eligibility

Private landowners or public agencies with acreage needing seeding to provide noxious weed control, erosion control, increased plant diversity, wildlife habitat, improved water quality, fuelbreaks, or burned area recovery. There is no minimum acreage limitation for seed purchase as long as the seed is used for conservation purposes.


Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for reseeding is available from the Division of Forestry, the Nevada Division of Wildlife, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, or any of the other Seedbank Committee Partners listed below.

  • Nevada Division of Forestry
  • Nevada Depatment of Wildlife
  • Nevada Division of Conservation Districts
  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
  • Nevada Association of Counties
  • Nevada Division of Minerals
  • Nevada Department of Agriculture
  • Nevada Department of Transportation
  • US Department of Agriculture (NRCS)
  • USDA Forest Service
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service
  • USDA Farm Service Agency
  • US Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Nevada Mining Association
  • Resource Concepts, Inc.
  • Nevada Natural Heritage Program

Seedbank Program Equipment

The seedbank facility stores thousands of pounds of native and adapted seed. Seed mixing and bagging equipment are also found within. The seedbank’s list of equipment includes the following:

  • One International bulldozer
  • Two full and two half-size range drills
  • Two 4×4 Quads with electric harrows and seeders
  • One seed mixer, bagger and sewer
  • One forklift

Highlighted Projects

Northern Region
Ruby Lake Estates Project
In partnership with the United States Forest Service, Conservation Crews from Wells and Carlin began work on the Ruby Lake Estates project in October of 2020. Located on the Southeast side of the Ruby Mountains...
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Southern Region
Pinyon-Juniper Encroachment Project
This project improved sagebrush habitat and riparian health on approximately 300 acres by reducing the impact of encroaching conifers on sagebrush ecosystems...
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NV Energy-SB 508 Initiative
This initiative will fund wildfire fuel reduction, wildfire suppression resources, and restoration/rehabilitation treatments across Nevada within or adjacent to NV Energy Service Areas...
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