Las Vegas Tree Nursery

Help us conserve resources as well as hold prices down by returning your empty growing containers to the nursery. Please, no 6-packs or flats/trays.

Photo of Las Vegas Nursery staff member holding a small plant.

The Las Vegas State Tree Nursery produces plant materials native or adapted to the Mojave Desert. The state nursery program can produce up to 250,000 plants each year and has experience growing 250 different plant species. The nurseries grow the majority of their plants from seed or cuttings and the Las Vegas nursery grows some plants for sale through the Washoe State Tree Nursery near Carson City. Plants are typically available as seedlings 1-3 years old. The Las Vegas State Tree Nursery has a Certified Arborist on staff, Amy Johnson (WE-12261A).


Custom Growing Services

The Las Vegas Tree Nursery specializes in producing native and locally adapted plants for use in mitigation and revegetation projects. Many of these species are only available through the NDF nurseries. The nursery staff is available year-around by phone to assist you with your custom growing needs.

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Directions & Hours

The Nursery will be open by appointment only between June 1st - September 1st, 2024 from Monday to Thursday 8 am - 2 pm. Appointments can be made by emailing or by calling (702) 486-5411.

Closed all state and federal holidays

From Las Vegas, take Interstate 95 North to Durango Drive exit. Turn right on Durango Drive and after approximately 1 1/2 miles; turn right on Brent to the City of Las Vegas Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. No park fee required when going to the nursery, which is located behind the park. Drive through the park and turn left at the “Forestry Nursery” sign.

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Purchasing Instructions

1. Review the Eligibility for the Purchase of Plants

NAC 528.110 - Sale of plant materials to private landowners. The criteria for eligibility for distribution of plant materials to private landowners in Nevada are:

  1. The land on which the plants are to be planted must consist of a parcel containing 1 acre or more, or 2 or more contiguous parcels owned by different owners if those parcels total 1 acre or more.
  2. The land must be entirely outside the city limits of any incorporated city of this state, except that in Carson City the land must be outside the designated urban area of the city. [Div. of Forestry, eff. 11-21-79]

The nursery program is not intended to provide landscaping materials. The purpose of the program is to provide locally adapted, affordable trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses to conserve and enhance Nevada’s natural resources through conservation plantings such as windbreaks, wildlife habitat enhancement, post-fire rehabilitation, mine reclamation, water conservation, and wetland and riparian restoration.

2. Review the Plant Inventory

Las Vegas Nursery Plant Inventory (XLS)
Las Vegas Nursery Plant Characteristics Sheet (PDF)

3. Review the Purchasing Instructions & Pricing

Please note that prices are subject to change, plant sizes are limited in quantity, and we accept credit, cash, check, or purchase order. To ensure that we have what you need on-hand, please call or e-mail the nursery.

Item Price
Supercell $3.25
D-Pot container $6.00
1-gallon container $9.00
T-Pot container $10.75
2 or 3 gallon container $17.50
5-gallon container $22.75
15-gallon container $32.50

Resources for Plants in Southern Nevada

Mountain States Nursery Plant Sheets – This website provides many descriptions and photos of plants grown at the Las Vegas State Tree Nursery.

Trees for Tomorrow, a Southern Nevada Guide to Tree Selection and Care – A guide to help homeowners select and successfully establish trees. The trees listed in the guide are tolerant of heat, cold and wind, moderately fast growing, adapted local soil conditions, provide good shade, are water efficient, and low-maintenance.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) Guide for Urban Trees in Southern Nevada – This Nevada Division of Forestry BMP guide was developed as part of the Nevada Shades of Green project to increase awareness about the value of community trees in improving air quality, and the quality of life. The guide contains BMPs for tree selection, establishment, maintenance, and protection.