Helping Your Range, Forest and Watershed

The mission of the Nevada Division of Forestry is to enhance, conserve and protect Nevada’s ecosystems and communities through vegetation stewardship and wildland fire management.

Our Impact

2021 Plant Materials
Provided 16,270 lbs. of Seed
Produced 50,489 Plants
2021 Wildfires
Responded to 263 Fires
Over 134,000 Acres Burned
2021 Conservation Planning
7 Conservation Plans
on 10,000 Acres
2021 Acres Treated
2,960 Acres Treated
13,831 Insect/Disease Acres Surveyed
2021 Active Firewise® Sites
11 Active
Firewise® USA Sites
2021 Permits & Tags
14 Permits &
3,150 Tags Issued

2020 Forest, Range & Watershed Action Plan

The 2020 Forest, Range & Watershed Action Plan is intended to provide a shared vision for natural resource management and conservation in Nevada. The plan incorporates the existing “All Hands – All Lands” approach together with the recent Shared Stewardship Agreement...

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Fire Restrictions & Incidents

The Nevada Division of Forestry enacts fire restrictions on state lands, which includes the types of fire-related activities that are permitted given current conditions, as well as restriction exemptions and penalties for disobeying posted restrictions...

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State Conservation Nurseries

View Nursery Hours & Inventory

The nurseries produce low-cost native or adapted plant species, acclimated to the Nevada’s environmental conditions, for conservation purposes...

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