Pinyon-Juniper Encroachment Project


Above Photo: Encroached area with Pinyon-Juniper removed.

About this Project

This project improved sagebrush habitat and riparian health on approximately 300 acres by reducing the impact of encroaching conifers on sagebrush ecosystems in northern Lincoln County, NV.

Removal of encroaching conifers and decadent sagebrush through hand thinning, mastication, and chipping or burning of slash Seeding will be applied when appropriate (sites with advanced encroachment where seed-source plants and seedbank have been reduced) to increase plant diversity, resilience to disturbance, and resistance to invasion by invasive annual grasses and noxious weeds. Riparian stream course modifications (primarily through beaver dam analogues) and vegetation improvements (planting and willow staking).

Anticipated Impacts & Outcomes

  • Reduced abundance of conifers encroaching into sagebrush habitat.
  • Improved wildlife forage, greater plant diversity, improved sagebrush ecosystem health.
  • Increased stream sinuosity and on-site water retention, and expanded meadow habitats.

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