Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Project

The Lot X Fuels Reduction and Forest Reforestation Project was funded through a US Forest Service Hazardous Fuels Grant, to improve forest and riparian health in Lot X. It is a 20-acre parcel owned by the Glenbrook Homeowner's Association.

The project compliments adjacent US Forest Service and Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection district treatments in the Lake Tahoe basin, improving the forest health and wildfire resistance in this priority area identified within the Nevada Forest Range and Watershed Action Plan.

Lot X and Adjacent USFS Projects Map by Aaron Taveras

Beginning in December of 2021, the Nevada Division of Forestry cable yarded Lot X, to remove dead and down fuels on the forest floor. In addition, trees identified as being less drought resistant and/or more susceptible to diseases and parasites were cut and cable yarded to an adjacent landing within Glenbrook HOA property. Logs suitable for sale will be sent to the Washoe Tribe's sawmill and non-merchantable materials will be chipped into mulch.

Dead tree trunks and brush are crisscrossed on the  forest floor in Lot X. Green trees are visible in the background, bordering the area where NDF crews cable yarded the dead and down fuels, to improve forest health and resilience.
Lot X pre-treatment. Photo by Anna Higgins.

Thinning forests and removing dead and down trees increase forest health and resiliency, which is the ability of a forest to withstand a disturbance – e.g., drought, wildfire, diseases, etc.—and bounce back from adverse events when they happen. These forest management practices also improve the chances that trees will survive a wildfire.

Overall, improving forest health and resilience through active management makes them safer for adjacent communities and for the firefighters responding to incidents.

Lot X After Treatment. Photo by Cynara M. Medina