NDF to hold Workshop to Update State Protected Flora List

June 21 2024

The Nevada Division of Forestry will be conducting a public workshop to solicit comments on proposed updates to the Nevada's list of fully protected species of native flora. Specifically, the draft regulation adds Red Rock Sunflower (Helianthus devernii), known to exist in and around the Red Rock National Conservation Area in Clark County, Nevada, to the state list of fully protected species. The draft regulation also includes minor corrections to spelling and nomenclature for existing listed species as required by NAC 527.010(3).This workshop will be conducted in accordance with the Open Meeting Law (NRS 241.020).

A copy of all materials relating to the proposed regulation may be obtained from the Nevada Division of Forestry website at www.forestry.nv.gov or by contacting the Division at 901 S. Stewart St, Ste 1001, Carson City, Nevada, 89701 (775) 684-2500. Persons wishing to make oral comment on the proposed regulation of the Division are encouraged to participate in the scheduled workshop, either in person or via Microsoft Teams. Persons wishing to submit written testimony or documentary evidence may submit the material by emailing ndfinfo@forestry.nv.gov or by mailing to the following address: Nevada Division of Forestry, 901 S. Stewart Street Ste. 1001, Carson City, NV 89701. Reasonable efforts will be made for members of the public who have disabilities and require special accommodations for assistance at the meeting. Please contact the Division at 775-684-2500 or ndfinfo@forestry.nv.gov prior to the meeting.

  • Date: June 21, 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Grant Sawyer Building, 555 E. Washington Ave, Room 4412
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 873 1036 2722
  • Phone Number: 888-475-4499

Relevant Documents

Notice of Workshop to Solicit Comments on Proposed Permanent Regulations and Agenda
Proposed Administrative Regulation - NAC 527
Presentation from the Nevada Division of Natural Heritage
Presentation from the Bureau of Land Management