Our Programs and Objectives

The Division of Forestry provides professional natural resource and wildland fire management services to Nevada citizens and visitors to enhance, conserve and protect forest, rangeland and watershed values, endangered plants and other native flora.


Natural Resource Management

The Nevada Division of Forestry provides technical natural resource management and planning expertise to accomplish the vegetation, wildfire fuel, and habitat management portions of the NDF mission while also administering permitting and compliance enforcement specified in Nevada Revised Statutes 472, 527, and 528.

The Natural Resources Program manages state protected plants, logging operations, forest insects and diseases, wildfire fuel loads and biomass utilization, conservation education, wildfire rehabilitation, ecosystem restoration, and providing required plant materials. Specialized programming is also provided for in sensitive ecosystems such as the Lake Tahoe Basin and those occupied by sagebrush.

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Wildland Fire Management

The Nevada Division of Forestry provides wildfire protection statewide through its Wildland Fire Protection Program, which was approved by the Nevada State Legislature in 2013. The program was developed to defend the people and lands of Nevada against wildland fire through collaborative and comprehensive use of fire suppression, prevention and restoration resources available through the state. It works to address current challenges facing federal, state, and local governments which include fighting year-round wildland fires, escalating fire suppression costs, cheatgrass and other invasive species, expanding Wildland Urban Interfaces, scattered capabilities and jurisdictions, tight budgets, and declining federal resources and cost shifting.

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Fire Adapted Nevada

Nevada Division of Forestry facilitates the operation of the Fire Adapted Nevada (FAN) partnership that consists of multiple federal, state and local agencies whom lead and support a network of community members, including homeowners, businesses, and other organizations that live in vulnerable wildland urban interface locations.

FAN encourages communities to form enduring partnerships with fire services and other relevant organizations and individuals to create a community culture that continuously mitigates the wildfire threat and elevates the probability of people, structures and landscapes surviving the occurrence of wildfire. FAN also encourages all community members to create and participate in a local FireWise Community Chapter in their locale, work with their local fire protection districts to implement Ready, Set, Go programs in their communities, assist in the creation of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan and pursue the recommended mitigation actions.

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