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The Nevada Division of Foresty (NDF) offers full time and seasonal jobs, as well as contracting opportunties. For more information on our positons and available jobs, please visit the links below.


Full Time Jobs

The Division has approximately 160 staff operating in a full time capacity in various functional capacities, including natural resource management, conservation nurseries, wildfire management, air operations, fiscal management, human resource management, communications, information technology and others. Positions are solicited through the State Jobs website and additional information is sometimes posted on our Full Time Jobs page.

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Seasonal Jobs

The Division hires more than 50 seasonal staff that work anywhere from five to nine months per year. Seasonal staff work in the conservation nurseries, fire engine crews, fire dispatching, and incident business capacities. Positions are solicited through the State Job website and additional information is sometimes posted on our Seasonal Jobs page.

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Volunteer Firefighters

Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer firefighter? Learn about Nevada volunteer firefighter opportunities by visting the Nevada Fire Chiefs website. If you find a fire station seeking volunteers near you, you can apply online here. Most volunteer firefighter positions don’t require experience, training is provided and volunteering can be a path to becoming a paid firefighter. Volunteering at your local fire station is also a great way to give back to your community.

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Contracting Opportunities

Contractors Welcome! You can help the Division achieve its objectives by enlisting your business with the State Purchasing Division. Once your business is listed as a vendor under this Master Service Agreement, any State of Nevada agency can use your services through a competitive bidding process between the listed vendors on the agreement. If you have questions about the process, need more information, or want to register, contact the Nevada Purchasing Division staff member Nancy Feser at 775-684-0175 or

Contractor Registration Flier
Fire Fuel Reduction Contractors List (99SWC-S1426)