Washoe State Tree Nursery


885 Eastlake Blvd, Carson City, NV 89704
(O) 775-849-0213 | (F) 775-849-2058

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Directions and Map to Washoe State Tree Nursery
Exit Eastlake Boulevard from U.S. Highway 395 at the North end of Washoe Valley. The nursery is approximately 1 mile from highway on the right hand side.

The Washoe State Tree Nursery supplies plant materials native or adapted to the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada. The state nursery program can produce up to 250,000 plants each year and has experience growing 250 different plant species. The nurseries grow 95% of their nursery stock from seed or cuttings and the Las Vegas nursery grows 30% of the plant stock for sales through the Division’s Washoe State Tree Nursery near Carson City. The nursery also provides custom-growing services.


The nursery is now closed for the winter, we will re-open in May 2021.

Due to Coronavirus mitigation the nursery is operating a bit differently this year. We will be offering appointment “curbside pick-up” of preorders on Thursdays and Saturdays. Sorry, no browsing at this time. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we do our best to serve the public and keep everyone safe. See the following link on how to preorder your plants.

Facial coverings are required per Governor’s Directive.

Nursery Purchasing Instructions

Closed all state and federal holidays.

Eligibility for the purchase of plants

Private landownwers: 
Nevada Administrative Code 528.110 –   Sale of plant materials to private landowners. The criteria for eligibility for distribution of plant materials to private landowners in Nevada are:
1. The land on which the plants are to be planted must consist of a parcel containing 1 acre or more, or 2 or more contiguous parcels owned by different owners if those parcels total 1 acre or more; and
2. The land must be entirely outside the city limits of any incorporated city of this state, except that in Carson City the land must be outside the designated urban area of the city.
 [Div. of Forestry, eff. 11-21-79]

The program is not intended to provide landscaping materials. The purpose of the program is to provide locally adapted, affordable trees and shrubs to conserve and enhance Nevada’s natural resources through conservation plantings such as:

Erosion control
Post-fire rehabilitation
Wildlife habitat
Water Conservation
Mine reclamation
Wetland and riparian restoration

Plant Inventory by Scientific Name

Plant Inventory by Common Name

Please do not fill out the order form in your web browser or mobile phone, we will receive a blank form! Download the order form by right clicking and choosing “save link as” or opening in your browser and clicking the download arrow in the top right.

You can fill out and sign the form using free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


Washoe Nursery Order Form

Plant Characteristics Sheet

Please call or e-mail the nursery to verify availability.

Information Video on NDF’s State nurseries

Plant Prices:

  • Mini-supercell $0.90
  • Supercell $2.50
  • D-Pot container $5.00
  • 1-gallon container $7.00
  • T-Pot container $9.00
  • 2 or 3-gallon container $14.00
  • 5-gallon container $19.00
  • 15-gallon container $27.00
  • Mulch: $3.00/bag or $30.00/truckload (Not available at this time)

All sizes are limited quantity. Prices subject to change.

Note:Payment must be by cash, check, or purchase order. We do not accept credit cards.

Help us conserve resources as well as hold nursery prices down by returning your empty growing containers to the nursery. Please leave the containers inside gate if nursery is closed. Please no quarts, 6-packs, or flats/trays.

Local Resources for plants in northern Nevada:

Contact Washoe State Tree Nursery Click here for printable brochure.

885 Eastlake Blvd, Carson City, NV 89704
(775) 849-0213, Fax (775) 849-2058
Help us conserve resources as well as hold prices down by returning your empty growing containers to the nursery.
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