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The Nevada Nursery Program was first established in 1957 to provide technical assistance and conservation plant materials – tree seedlings, shrubs, forbs and seed – to meet the conservation needs of Nevada’s private landowners and public land management agencies. The nurseries also offer custom growing services for conservation plants native to or adapted to the Mojave Desert, Great Basin Desert and Sierra Nevada.

The nursery program is comprised of two facilities, one in Washoe Valley and one in the Las Vegas Valley, and houses biannual plant sales in Elko and Winnemucca. 

The nurseries produce low-cost native or adapted plant species, acclimated to the Nevada’s environmental conditions, for conservation purposes including establishment of windbreaks, wildlife habitat enhancement and rehabilitation of wildfire damaged lands or other disturbed sites.

Plant materials must be purchased for conservation purposes such as:
  • Erosion Control
  • Greenstrips
  • Post-fire rehabilitation
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Water Conservation
  • Wetland and riparian restoration
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Reforestation
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Windbreak and shelterbelts
  • Woodlots

The Las Vegas State Tree Nursery located north of Las Vegas, supplies conservation plant materials adapted to the Mojave Desert.

The Washoe State Tree Nursery located in Washoe County, between Carson City and Reno, supplies conservation plant materials adapted to the Great Basin Desert and the Sierra Nevada region.

Elko Arboretum and Tree Sales Plants from the Washoe State Tree Nursery are offered for sale on selected dates May and October at the NDF Michael P. Jordan Memorial Arboretum located at the NDF Elko Office. The Arboretum provides viewing and educational opportunities centered around the NDF Nursery products. The plant sale ‘ELKO WEBSITE ORDER FORM’ is sponsored by NDF and the Spring Creek High School FFA Club. Please check back.

Custom Growing Services The nurseries specialize in producing native and locally adapted plants for use in mitigation and revegetation projects. Many of these species are only available through the NDF nurseries. The nursery staff is available year-around by phone to assist you with your custom growing needs.

Trees on Wheels Annual plant sales are sponsored by conservation agencies and organizations in rural Nevada and northern California. Call the Washoe Nursery, Las Vegas Nursery, or the Elko Regional Office for sale dates and locations, or to sponsor a sale in your community. 

Resource Information Read more about plant selection, plant photos, growing and maintaining plants, designing and maintaining windbreaks and drip irrigation. See also links to regional specific information on the Washoe and Las Vegas State Nursery WebPages. 

The Nevada Seedbank The program provides seed, equipment and other materials to rehabilitate wildland fire and fire suppression related damages, and assists private landowners and public agencies with conservation treatments on their lands to reduce soil erosion, increase plant diversity, improve wildlife habitat and reduce the threat of wildland fire.

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