Elko – Michael P. Jordan Arboretum


911 Falcon Lane
Elko, NV 89801
Fax: 775-753-8626

The Michael P. Jordan Memorial Arboretum is just over 2.25 acres and has over 40 species of trees and shrubs of various ages growing. Although it is under construction, it provides an opportunity for students, the public, and homeowners to view a number of species of trees and shrubs grown and sold by Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) nurseries at various stages of growth.

If you would like to tour the Arboretum, please call the NDF office  in Elko (775) 738-8626 to schedule a time or check in at the NDF office before going out to the Arboretuem.


The tree grove was conceived as a plant materials testing facility on April 1, 1977 through a cooperative agreement between the Nevada Youth Training Center (NYTC) and NDF. Mike P. Jordan, an employee of NDF, developed the original concept plan on March 3, 1977. The grove was divided into two main parts.

The first block was divided into 26 growing beds with raised sides to accommodate flood irrigation. The second, and later block, was to the south and comprised 28 rows with drip irrigation. Botanists from the University of Nevada-Reno were engaged to select varieties of trees and shrubs that were first planted in 1980 and continued through 1983. Wards from NYTC were used to layout, install the initial irrigation system, plant the trees and shrubs, and maintain the area.

Several specimens were transplanted to landscape the NYTC campus in the 1980s and 90s. On June 19, 1998, a new agreement was entered into by both parties to convert the plant materials testing facility into the Michael Jordan Memorial Arboretum.

NDF agreed at that time to develop the area including thinning, removal, pruning, planting, and signage. NDF also agreed to improve and/or replace the existing irrigation system, provide labor during the growing season to irrigate, and provide a Conservation Camp inmate work crew to periodically clean the area of debris, weeds, etc. Beginning in 2002, additional species were planted to fill-in vacant areas in the grove.

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