Custom Growing Projects

Washoe State Tree Nursery
Phone (775) 849-0213  Fax (775) 849-2058

Las Vegas State Tree Nursery
Phone: (702) 486-5411  Fax: (702) 486-5449

The nursery staff is available year-around by phone to assist you with your custom growing needs and to set up an appointment to pick up your plants.

The Nevada Division of Forestry’s two conservation plant nurseries provide custom growing services to state and federal agencies, municipalities, tribes, conservation groups, contractors and individuals for restoration and conservation projects across Nevada and neighboring states.

The nursery program specializes in producing native and locally adapted trees, shrubs, forbs, grasses and wetland plants for use in mitigation and revegetation projects. Many of these plants are for species that are available only through the NDF nurseries. When possible, the nursery collects locally adapted seed or cuttings for custom growing projects.

Two examples of the types of unique projects the nurseries can handle are the development of propagation techniques for state listed endangered plants including Tahoe yellowcress and Las Vegas buckwheat, and collection and holding or propagation of meadow sod for wetland mitigation and restoration projects. In addition to a variety of species growing in a meadow plug (or sod), the plugs harbor seed for plants that germinate and quickly repopulate meadows and wetlands when planted.

Upon agreement, the nursery will grow trees, shrubs, forbs, grasses, and wetland plants native to the Mojave Desert, Great Basin and Sierra Nevada, plants on the Las Vegas State Tree Nursery or the Washoe State Tree Nursery plant lists and other conservation species. Clients are encouraged to provide seed, planting stock and containers for their projects.

For information on the custom growing services and how the nurseries can help you meet your growing needs, please contact the Washoe State Tree Nursery at 775-849-0213, or the Las Vegas State Tree Nursery at 702-486-5411.

Custom Growing Stipulations

  • A minimum order may apply depending on plant species and seed or plant stock availability.
  • Approval of custom growing agreement depends on availability of seed or planting stock.
  • Plants may take 6 months to 3 years to grow to desired size depending on species.
  • Prices vary by species, plant material source and container size.
  • A down payment may be due when the custom growing agreement is signed by both parties. The balance of payment, or payment in full, is due when plants are picked up.
  • Payment may be made by purchase order, check or cash. The nursery does not accept credit cards.
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