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 How to Apply

To view current job announcements and to submit an on-line application check the State of Nevada’s Personnel job site. Applications must be submitted during the open filing period.

Conservation Camp Program Manager Announcement 

Conservation Crew Supervisor 3 Announcement Statewide 


Conservation Crew Supervisor 1 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35641

Conservation Crew Supervisor 2 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35645

Las Vegas

Conservation Crew Supervisor 1 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35642

Conservation Crew Supervisor 2 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35646


Conservation Crew Supervisor 1 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35643

Conservation Crew Supervisor 2 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35647


Conservation Crew Supervisor 1 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35644

Conservation Crew Supervisor 2 – https://nvapps.state.nv.us/NEATS/Recruiting/ViewAnnouncement.aep?recruitmentId=35648


Becoming a NDF Conservation Crew Supervisor

Conservation Crews are the backbone of the Nevada Division of Forestry and a major part of the Nevada Division of Forestry’s wildland fire management team. Conservation Crew Supervisors serve on a hand crew performing fire suppression, fuels management, natural resource conservation and other duties under the most adverse environmental conditions. Conservation Crew Supervisors are in charge of supervising non-violent, minimum custody offenders, whom are serving time with the Nevada Department of Corrections. They are trained in and provide labor for conservation projects, community assistance, wildland fire suppression, and other emergency response activities. Currently NDF has nine Conservation Camps across our great State, Between the nine Camps NDF staffs 19 full time type 2 firefighting hand crews.


Minimum Qualifications

To be a Conservation Crew Supervisor you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid Driver’s License at the time of appointment. You must have graduated from high school or have equivalent education. You must pass the Work Capacity Test, which tests your ability to perform arduous fire fighting duties. Prior to taking the Work Capacity Test, you must take a physical examination at your expense. To pass the test you must carry a 45-pound pack, for three miles in 45 minutes or less. You should start preparing for the Work Capacity Test at least six to eight weeks before the test. If you pass the work capacity test you will be invited to an interview. You must also pass a pre-employment drug test.

Conservation Crew Supervisor Training

If you are selected as a Conservation Crew Supervisor  you will attend extensive training, where you will learn how to control wildland fires, operate wildland fire apparatus, use chain saws, assist helicopter operations, and help with fire prevention and fire hazard reduction projects.

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