Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp

lv_nursery_greenhousemeadowvalleywashcrews_lined_upFacility Facts

The Three Lakes Valley Correctional Center, formerly called Indian Springs Camp, opened in 1982 with the ability to house 210 inmates. Currently the Nevada Division of Forestry has eight crew supervisor positions with the ability to “employ” 110 inmates in conservation related projects and in emergency response activities.

Project Work:

Over the past three years, Three Lakes Valley Camp has averaged 63,292 hours working on projects both paid and community based each year. Over the last three years, the Three Lakes Valley Camp has brought in $1,115,444 in project revenue.


  • Fuels reduction and forest health work: Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains
  • Nevada Department of Transportation: fence building, litter clean-up, repairing guard rails, cleaning culverts, fuels reduction, and general maintenance of facilities
  • Nevada Division of State Parks and Clark County Regional Parks (providing labor for projects)
  • Assist the following communities, Indian Springs, Cold Creek, Mt. Charleston, Moapa, Glendale/Logandale
  • Non-profit organizations such as: volunteer fire departments, senior centers, community centers, non government organizations, and cemeteries
  • Fire rehabilitation efforts on local fires including seeding, soil stabilization, and damaged fence repair
  • Landowner assistance with fuels reduction and conservation work though the help of the fire protection and resource management officers


Emergency Response

Three Lakes Valley Camp has averaged 21,099.7 man hours working on emergency incidents for the last three years. All incidents not in NDF jurisdiction bring in revenue for the general fund. Emergency responses include wildland fire, search and rescue, ice and snow removal when there is threat to life and/or property and flood control. Over the past few years we have been requested to assist California in wildland fire control when their resources are stretched thin. The Three Lakes Valley Camp location in the southwest part of the state, allows them to play a pivotal role in initial attack of fires in Clark County and the Spring Mountains.

Three Lakes Valley (Indian Springs) Conservation Camp

4747 West Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Telephone 702-879-1309

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