Conservation Camp Products and Services

NDF operates nine camps within three geographical regions. Each camp typically fields six to ten, 10 member crews capable of responding to, or facilitating a vast number of projects and tasks 

Products and Services

  • Fire and Emergency Response
  • Fuel Reduction and Fire Intensity Mitigation
  • Forest Health Work
  • Fire Rehabilitation; seeding, planting, fence mending, suppression repair, etc. 
  • Watershed and Riparian Zone restoration
  • Seed Collection 
  • Trail Maintenance and Construction
  • Tree Climbing and Hazard Tree Mitigation (Eastern Sierra Conservation Camp)
  • Logging/ Cable Yarder (Eastern Sierra Conservation Camp)
  • Satellite Nursery (Humboldt Conservation Camp)
  • Noxious Weed abatement
  • General labor force for cooperating state departments and divisions
  • Limited Community Service Task
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