Conservation Camps

The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF), in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Corrections, operates nine conservation camps throughout the state. The Conservation Camp Program provides training programs to inmates, wildland fire suppression crews, and a skilled labor force for conservation projects, community assistance and emergency situations. Each conservation camp typically fields eight 10 man crews providing a variety of projects and services.

Activities include: Forest and rangeland management; forest health improvement (insect and disease); wildfire prevention, suppression and rehabilitation; soil conservation, disturbed site reclamation, tree pruning, watershed improvement (water quality and quantity), community service projects, and state highway improvements.


Increase the proficiency and cost effectiveness of the program by increasing services to the general public and resource agencies in the areas of fuels management, insect and disease control, range improvements, state park maintenance, wildlife improvements, state land enhancement and other conservation-related work projects.

Provide wildland fire suppression services with well-trained and equipped Conservation Camp fire crews, which support county, state and Federal wildland fire agencies.

Provide the necessary training and equipment to Conservation Camp Crews and their supervisors to enable them to accomplish their work-related missions and perform their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

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