Mapping / GIS

Below are links to different NDF GIS web mapping tools

Natural Resources & Fire Information Portal Now Available! – The Natural Resources and Fire Information Portal, or NRFIP, provides wildfire risk information and natural resources data for the entire state of Nevada. This mapping tool produces user-friendly outputs that are formatted to aid project planning and information sharing for all state, federal, local, and private land holders across Nevada. For additional information, please contact Aaron Taveras at or 775-684-2518. An introductory video on NRFIP can be viewed here.

Urban Tree Inventory Web Mapping Tool – This web mapping tool shows the location,species and size of public trees throughout the state. As more municipalities collect tree public tree inventory data, the data will be added to this site.


** Please note that due to network speed, data rendering maybe slower than normal because of the amount of data being displayed **

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