Truckee Meadows(Reno, Sparks and Washoe County) Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

The Truckee Meadows Urban Canopy Assessment was funded through an American Reivestment and Recover Act grant, that was passed to Nevada Division of Forestry from the U.S. Forest Service.


With just under 5% regional tree canopy cover, it is apparent that the urban forest of the Truckee Meadows is in its infancy but that development patterns are adding trees and canopy cover to the area. Trees from new development, good tree care, and other tree planting will be needed to substantially increase canopy cover and associated ecological and economic benefits.  This study provides many opportunities for education, management and planning. With residential areas comprising the majority of canopy, educating on the benefits of urban trees will be a cost-effective means to advancing urban forestry. As in other urbanized areas, trees are a fabric of the community in the Truckee Meadows and can thrive with proper planning, management, education and advocacy.


Truckee Meadow Urban Canopy Assessment Summary Fact Sheet

Complete Urban Canopy Report (22MB) for entire Area of Interest

City of Reno Land use Analysis Summary

City of Reno Scenario Summary 

City of Sparks Land Use Analysis Summary

City of Sparks Scenario Summary

University of Nevada-Reno Canopy Analysis

Washoe County Land Use Analysis Summary

Washoe County Scenario Summary 

Interactive PDF Maps (Very Large Files)

Truckee Meadows Study Area Urban Tree Canopy

Truckee Meadows Study Area Possible Planting Areas

Truckee Meadows Study Area Land Cover

City of Reno Urban Tree Canopy

City of Reno Possible Planting Areas

City of Reno Land Cover

City of Reno Neighborhood Advisory Board (NABs) Urban Tree Canopy

City of Sparks Urban Tree Canopy

City of Sparks Possible Planting Area

City of Sparks Land Cover

City of Sparks Wards Urban Tree Canopy

For more inf0rmation regarding the project, please contact:

Lisa Ortega
Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator


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