Las Vegas Urban Tree Canopy Analysis Study

Map showing the Las Vegas Urban Canopy Analysis project boundaryThe Las Vegas Urban Tree Canopy Study, is a project funded by the USFS as a competitive grant that was awarded to the Nevada Division of Forestry. A heat island data set has been developed for the Las Vegas Valley and a tree inventory is in progress of public trees in Clark County.  The city of Henderson was awarded a grant to do some more indepth analysis and determine possible planting areas. Below are the summary reports for the Las Vegas Urban Canopy Analysis Study based on landcover and a generalized zoning layer. The analysis includes the project area (see map), and then is broken into the following entities: the city of Las Vegas, the city of Henderson, the city of North Las Vegas and the unincorporated areas of Clark County that fall within the project area. There is a report on the Urban Heat Island Index.

Las Vegas Valley Project area summary report

City of Las Vegas Summary report

City of Henderson Summary report

City of North Las Vegas Summary report

Unicorporated areas of Clark County

Las Vegas Urban Canopy Analysis Report 2012

Development of Heat Island Dataset of Las Vegas Urban Canopy Analysis

Powerpoint Presentation May 22, 2012 for Las Vegas Urban Canopy

GIS Data for Las Vegas Valley Urban Canopy-Landcover (94 MB zipped), Generalized Zoning (65MB zipped) and the Heat Island Study(2.1 GB). All the data is in ArcGIS geodatabase format and available from the Nevada Division of Forestry.

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