Urban and Community Forest Grant Program

The Nevada Division of Forestry’s Urban and Community Forestry (U&CF) Grant Program for community tree planting projects will not be funded for the near future.
This program provides $25,000 to $35,000 annually in project funds to Nevada communities and non-profit organizations. However, the federal funding that supports the U&CF Program has been significantly reduced for the foreseeable future.
Any funds that do become available for sub grant awards will target community program development in the areas of performing tree inventories, developing tree ordinances and management plans, or to provide professional forestry staffing.
NDF Urban Forestry staff is available to provide technical assistance for grant projects funded from other sources.



Lisa Ortega
Urban Forestry Program Coordinator
4747 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
702-486-5123 ext.226
Fax: 702-486-5186

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The Nevada Urban and Community Forestry Program is funded through the US Forest Service.
NDF is an equal opportunity service provider.


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