Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day – the last Friday of April


Although communities across the state may declare any day of the year for their Arbor Day, the state of Nevada has established the last Friday of April of each year as Nevada’s Arbor Day per NRS 23.018.

Contact your Mayor, City or Town Manager for information on local events or to find out how you can be involved. Learn more about the history of Arbor Day and ideas for celebrating and organizing an arbor day event in your community or school from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Nevada Arbor Day Poster Contest

We are sad to announce that the Arbor Day Foundation has discontinued the National Arbor Day Poster Contest effective 2011. They are however still a great resource for online youth educational activities and also have the poster contest guidebooks posted online.

Check out Nevada’s poster contest winners since 1996 at the Poster Contest Hall of Fame.

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