Clark County Nevada Tree Inventory

Clark County Tree Inventory

The  Clark  County  Tree  Inventory  Project was coordinated  by  the  Nevada  Division  of Forestry (NDF) and  contracted to Davey Resource Group (DRG).  Between June 2012 and the Spring of 2013, DRG personnel inventoried 95,050 street, park, and campus trees managed by Clark County, Clark County School District, UNLV, and the cities of Las Vegas, Boulder City, Mesquite, and North Las Vegas.

What is a tree inventory: a tree inventory gathers information on tree location, population, species composition and condition of the Urban Forest (UF) and answers many questions for UF managers.

  • Questions answered include: How many trees are there and where are they located? How big are the trees? What species are represented? What is their condition? What percentage of different species make up the UF and what is the overall age class of the UF?

A tree inventory also:

  • Helps prioritize maintenance schedules to reduce the potential liability from hazardous trees.
  • Provides the basis for the development of a comprehensive community forestry management plan and facilitates long-term budget planning.
  • Educates the public about the benefits of a healthy, well-managed community forest and informs them about species best suited to the community.

Benefits of trees – Trees in Clark County play an important role in cleaning the air, capturing stormwater, creating healthy environments, and contributing to the economy. A detailed description of how trees provide these benefits can be found here.

  • Resource Analysis – After completion of the inventories, DRG performed a Resource Analysis using i-tree Streets for each of the seven inventory areas, and a summary for the overall project. i-tree is a suite of scientific software tools developed by the USDA Forest Service, the National Arbor Day Foundation, the Society of Municipal Arborists, Casey Trees, and Davey Tree that provides a methodology to examine the urban forest in terms of structure, function, and environmental benefits.  i-tree also estimates a dollar value of the environmental benefits derived from the urban forest. This dollar value helps a community understand what an important resource their urban forest is. A summary of benefits for each inventory area can be found on their individual inventory results page below.

Inventory Results – The tree inventory was conducted in seven individual areas throughout Clark County. Results of the inventory, including urban forest composition, condition, and benefits provided, can be found by following the links below:

Deliverables – Each community received their inventory data and resource analysis. Workshops were also conducted with urban forest managers to explain the data, and provide information on making decisions to promote the health of their valuable tree resource. Powerpoint slide shows were also provided to help urban forest managers present the information to the public and important decision makers in their community. This information will also be shared with other states to showcase the value that trees add to the economy and quality of life in Clark County.

Funds for this project come from the Nevada Division of Forestry in cooperation with the US Forest Service. This project is partially funded by 2009 ARRA Clark County Urban Forestry Revitalization funding.

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