Urban and Community Forestry

The concept of an “urban forest” or “community forest” is new to most people. Think of the urban forest simply as all the trees and vegetation in a community with all the same functions, interactions and interdependence of components of a native forest. The urban forest is, in fact, an ecosystem.

All the plants on all private and public property, animals, streets, sidewalks, utilities, building, soil, water, and most importantly, people are part of the urban forest. Urban forests primarily provide services rather than goods and are managed for social values in addition to economic, environmental, and ecological benefits. Trees growing on private lands compose the majority of the urban forests.

Urban Forest Projects

The Nevada Division of Forestry Urban and Community Forestry provides technical assistance to communities around the state including tree selection and tree care programs, assistance with Arbor Day and Tree City USA activities, community forestry inventory, management and planning, and assistance with the development of tree boards and ordinances.

Urban Forest Training

Know of anybody in Nevada who could use leadership in urban forestry training?  Here’s a grant to get you there!

This grant covers all expenses. Grant match is time to attend. Check it out here: Urban Forest Training 

2018 Municipal Forestry Institute application.



Lisa Ortega
Urban Forestry Program Coordinator
4747 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
702-486-5123 ext.226
Fax: 702-486-5186 


The Urban Forest- more than just trees Best Management Practices Guide for Urban Trees in Southern Nevada, Cleaner Air, Tree by Tree

Home Landscaping Guide for Lake Tahoe and Vicinity Complete guide to landscape design, drip irrigation systems, designing for defensible space, TRPA recommended Plant list, soils, fertilizer, and the control of weeds and garden pests.

Nevada Cooperative Extension Click the ‘Horticulture’ link to more than 200 publications on gardening, regional plant lists, weed and pest control, and other plant related topics.

Choosing the Right Plants – for Northern Nevada’s High Fire Hazard Areas A complete plant list and guide to choosing “firewise” landscaping plant.

Trees are Good An educational site sponsored by ISA that provides quality tree care information, Fun Facts, press releases and assistance finding a tree care service.

Nevada demonstration gardens/ arboreta and sources of sources of plant related education.

International Society of Arborculture ISA Publications and activities.

Arbor Day Foundation -Publications, conference calendar, Tree City USA, Arbor Day Poster Contest and other Arbor Day Programs.

Tree Link Check out the links this community forestry resource site offers for educational handouts to all other state forestry sites and other national programs.

Trees for Tomorrow, a Southern Nevada Guide to Tree Selection and Care A guide to help homeowners select and successfully establish trees. The trees listed in the guide are tolerant of heat, cold and wind, moderately fast growing, adapted local soil conditions, provide good shade, are water efficient, and low-maintenance. Posted on the Southern Nevada Arborists Group (SNAG) website that also has posted numerous handouts on tree care.

What tree is that? – Tree ID guide for smart phones

Truckee Meadow Community Tree Coalition To learn how to properly plant and care for trees, visit the Truckee Meadow Community Tree Coalition website. This site is filled with links to a guide to trees species in the Truckee Meadows, and instructions on tree care and planting. Great site for homeowners, landscape and nursery professionals.

The Grove is a social network for sharing tree-planting experiences and knowledge that will encourage others to create thriving community and urban forests.  Although Nevada is fairly new to The Grove, we are very enthusiastic and looking for new members.  Please click on the link to learn more about The Grove and feel free to join us!


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