State Resource Assessments

Assessment of Need (AON)

Nevada Division of Forestry has completed the Assessment of Need as required by the U.S. Forest Service for the Forest Legacy program. This assessment determined areas in which NDF could accept projects to submit for funding from the Forest Legacy program. The five areas are: Tahoe-Sierra Front, Mt. Charleston, Schell Creek Mountains, Muddy River, and Jarbidge areas.

Spatial Analysis Project (SAP)

Nevada Division of Forestry has completed the Spatial Analysis Project (SAP) as required by the U.S. Forest Service. This assessment is to determine High, Medium and Low potential areas for the Forest Stewardship Program. This assessment was done using GIS (Geographic Information System) software and 13 data layers. Map Showing Stewardship Potential

State Wide Forest Resource Assessment (Forest Action Plan)

Nevada Division of Forestry is finished their  State Wide Assessment and strategies mandated by the 2008 Farm Bill. NDF is making the reports available on the website for downloading. If you are interested in the GIS data, please contact NDF for the data.

State Wide Assessment Report                                                                           State Wide Assessment Map

State Wide Strategies and Priority Landscape Report                              Strategies and Priority Landscape Map

State Wide Expansion of the Biomass Program

Nevada Division of Forestry is currently working on a State Wide Assessment to look at the potential for expanding the Fuels for School program to other public facilities in the state, in order to utilize biomass generated on forest related projects.

Biomass Assessment-Draft

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