Forest Stewardship Program

Good stewardship begins with good planning. The Forest Stewardship Program promotes sound stewardship practices through planning, technical advice and financial assistance for eligible landowners.

Landowners are often faced with complex natural resource and economic issues when managing their property. Forest Stewardship Plans address natural resource concerns and serve as guiding documents for financial assistance applications and associated regulatory permits. If you already have a plan or need some some extra land management advice, our foresters are available to help with those concerns, as well. Contact Program Coordinator, Michelle Roberts, for additional information.

The Forest Stewardship Program is funded through grants from the US Forest Service. To learn more about the national program, please visit these sites:

USFS Forest Stewardship

Resources for Private Landowners

Forest Stewardship Program Contact:

Michelle Roberts – 775-684-2552

2478 Fairview Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89701

NDF Stewardship Brochure

NDF is an equal opportunity service provider.

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