Conservation Education

A primary goal of the Division’s Conservation Education Program is to educate the youth of Nevada in scientifically based natural resource management. Activities include organizing and conducting workshops that train teachers to be Conservation Education facilitators. Facilitators are then used to train youths and adults throughout the state.

Nevada’s Project Learning Tree (PLT), a component of the Division’s Conservation Education program has been recognized as one of the premier supplementary pre-kindergarten through grade 12 environmental education programs available. Through hands-on, interdisciplinary activities, PLT provides students with opportunities to investigate environmental issues and encourages them to make informed, responsible decisions. PLT uses the forest as a “window on the world” to:

  • Increase students understanding of our complex Great Basin environment;
  • Stimulate critical and creative thinking;
  • Develop the ability to make informed decisions on environmental issues; and
  • Instill confidence to take responsible action on behalf of the environment.


Conduct and support on an annual basis, several conservation education workshops and seminars to further understanding of natural resource management throughout Nevada. Current activities include Nevada Youth Range Camp, High Sierra Workshop, and Project Learning Tree.

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Michelle Roberts
Conservation Education Coordinator
2478 Fairview Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Fax: 775-684-2571

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