Biomass and Forest Products Program

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The Nevada Division of Forestry Biomass Program consists of one full time state-wide Coordinator and three regional Resource Management Officers that assist the program, facilities and several pieces of equipment. It is NDF’s goal to maximize statewide utilization of woody biomass, generated as a product of fuel reduction and forest health projects implementation, to the maximum extent possible.

Traditionally, biomass was used by wood based product markets, which have suffered due to the lack of dependable feedstock. Wood based industry has declined to the point of being almost non-existent and therefore outlets for woody material has driven forestry practices to find cheaper methods of woody material disposal, such as burning it in open piles or leaving it on site.

Benefits of the biomass program include: leveraging the value of wood products to increased number of project acres treated; reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfire; improving forest and watershed health; reducing air pollution by minimizing the release of carbon and other chemicals found in smoke; development of biomass utilization opportunities for the private sector; increasing the potential for private sector use of forest products; and reducing project treatment costs to levels of economic viability.

The NDF Biomass Program provides the following services in the State of Nevada:

  • Identify and coordinate potential wood to energy projects.
  • Connect with private individuals interested in utilizing forest products.
  • Support existing wood based economies and look for opportunities for wood product businesses to help each other.
  • Seek and develop opportunities for small business development/expansion.

The NDF Biomass Program operates the following equipment:

  • Koller 300 cable yarder
  • Zig-zag yarder
  • F550 Ford Flatbed Utility Truck
  • CAT 297c tracked loader with log grapple, masticator, and transport trailer
  • 5 Roll-On / Roll-Off 40 yard bins and a Freightliner truck
  • 10 biochar kilns

The NDF Biomass Program is currently developing sources, outlets, and uses of the following wood or wood-based materials:

  • Compost, Mulch, Woodchips
  • Christmas Trees
  • Saw logs, fire wood
  • Biochar
  • Wood Pellets


Julien Pellegrini
Biomass Coordinator
2478 Fairview Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Fax: 775-684-2571

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