Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team

The Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team (TFFT) consists of representatives of Tahoe Basin fire agencies, CAL FIRE, Nevada Division of Forestry and related state agencies, University of California and Nevada Cooperative Extensions, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the U.S. Forest Service, conservation districts from both states, the California Tahoe Conservancy and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board.  Our Mission is to protect lives, property and the environment within the Lake Tahoe Basin from wildfire by implementing prioritized fuels reduction projects and engaging the public in becoming a Fire Adapted Community.

Prior to the creation of the TFFT, the 2007 Angora Fire severely impacted the Tahoe Basin, causing the destruction of 254 homes and 3,100 acres of natural resources. Following this event, the Governors of California and Nevada created the California-Nevada Tahoe Basin Fire Commission.  The mission of the Commission was to assess the current laws and policies regarding wildfire suppression and fuels management, the recommend improvement and changes that would reduce the Tahoe Basin’s wildfire vulnerability. Additionally, they were charged with recommending ways to educate the homeowners and general public on appropriate fuel reduction and fire protection measures they could implement. The assessment and recommendation of the Commission can be found in the 2008 Emergency California-Nevada Tahoe Basin Fire Commission Report that still informs TFFT actions today.

Contributing further to Later, Senate Bill No. 94 directed Nevada Division of Forestry to review and evaluate the laws and regulations of this State to ensure adequate statutory and regulatory authority exists to mitigate the risk of fire hazard from vegetation within the counties contained in the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Lake Mead Basin. In 2010, the Report to Nevada State Legislature SB-94: Review and Evaluation of Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Fire Protection in the Lake Tahoe and Lake Mead Basins was produced.

Recent inter-agency activities and accomplishments of the TFFT stakeholders are summarized in the Annual Report to the Nevada Legislature in Compliance with NRS 528.150: Fire Prevention and Forest Health in the Nevada Portion of the Lake Tahoe Basin 

The TFFT developed a new mapping tool the public can use to view the location and details of each prescribed fire project. To view the map, visit https://batchgeo.com/map/TFFT and click on the marker to see complete information for each operation.


Roland Shaw

Forester III, Nevada Division of Forestry

901 S. Stewart St., Suite 5003

Carson City, NV 89701-5246


For more information on the TFFT, visit www.tahoefft.org


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