Hazardous Fuels/Fuel Reduction

Home Fire Safety and Defensible Space: There are many things homeowners can and should do to prepare and protect their homes to survive a wildfire. Creating defensible space, managing vegetation and landscaping, using fire resistant construction materials, and properly storing firewood and other combustible materials are all important things homeowners can do to reduce the risk from wildfire.  Contact your local fire protection district or department to schedule a defensible space inspection.

Click on any of the links below to get more information about preparing your home for wildfire.

Fire Safe Landscaping

Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Beware of Pinyon IPs and Best Management Practices

Video link to Carpenter 1 Hazardous Fuel Reduction Projects

Video link to Carpenter 1 Defensible Space

Defensible Space: Protecting your home and property from wildfire- Video

Your home CAN survive a wildfire – NFPA

Fuel Breaks Lines of Defense

Grants are also available for communities that have interest in planning and implementing hazardous fuels reduction projects on our grants page.

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