Network Community Chapters

Community Chapters that have joined The Network, have access to materials to build the capacity for residents to work alongside friends and neighbors to make changes to their homes and landscapes to have a better chance of withstanding a wildfire, even without firefighter assistance. Materials include neighbor invitation letters, press release templates, agendas for community meetings and more. The Network also helps member communities collaborate with local fire services, state and federal agencies and professional services, such as landscapers, contractors and consultants to perform critical fuels reduction work and to alter the built environment of the home to better withstand a wildfire. Member Communities have an updated Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and are using it as a guide in their efforts to reduce the wildfire threat to their homes and community.


Network Community Chapters

  1. Virginia City Highlands, Storey County (2014)*
  2. Holbrook Highlands, Douglas County (2014)
  3. West Washoe Valley, Washoe County (2015)*
  4. The Estates at Mt. Rose, Washoe County (2015)*
  5. Lakeview, Carson City (2016)
  6. ArrowCreek, Washoe County (2017)*
  7. Mound House, Lyon County (2017)*
  8. River Mount Park, Washoe County (2017)*
  9. Alpine View Estates, Douglas County (2018)
  10. Verdi-Mogul, Washoe County (2019)
  11. Pine Nut- Blue Bird, Douglas County (2019) 
  12. Upper Colony, Lyon County (2019)
  13. Warm Springs, Washoe County (2019- Pending Advisory Board Approval)

* Pending Recertification from Network Advisory Board

County-Wide Fire Adapted Community Working Groups

FAC Working Groups bring together Community Chapter Leaders within one county  to address wildfire mitigation concerns on the county-level and allow chapters to collaboratively address progress on Fire Adapted Communities concepts such as county-wide fuel reduction projects or Community Wildfire Protection Plans.

Douglas County (2018)

          2019 Meeting Minutes: January, February, March, April, and June

          2018 Meeting Minutes: December, November, October, September, August, July, June



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