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If you would like to become a member of the Network, please fill out the Network Membership Application by clicking on the hard-copy version below. The Network has three membership categories as follows:




1.  Individual Network Members are individuals that live or own property that is threatened by wildfire. Individual members may affiliate with any community chapter that they live or own property within. 

2.  Community Chapter Members are formed when individual members of the Network form a local action group to address their  common vulnerability to wildfires.

To qualify for status as a Chapter within the Network, the community must meet several qualifications. The Network Coordinator or Regional Community Coordinator will be available to assist your community with meeting these qualifications.

Community Chapters receive support, guidance, and several benefits from the Network. Chapters can expect the Network to provide information, mentorship, guidance, and connectivity to resources for:  

     A: Providing a single point of contact for membership support

     B: Disposal of accumulated hazardous fuels

     C: Funding and grant opportunities for hazardous fuel reduction, Fire Adapted Communities education, and wildfire prevention planning.

     D: Access to educational and informational material available for distribution

     E: Connections to qualified contractors or work crews when projects require the involvement of labor beyond the community’s capability.

     F: Assistance with creating or maintaining a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)   

3.  Friend of the Network Members are individuals or corporations that do not live or own property that is threatened by wildfire or simply want to support the mission of the Network. Friends of the Network are encouraged to make additional donations in support of the Network. Friends of the Network will receive a monthly on-line newsletter and an invitation to the annual Network conference. 


Community Chapter Leader Handbook

The Nevada Network Community Chapter Policies are guided by the Network Operating Manual. In order to facilitate the establishment of new community chapters and support community chapter leaders, the Network created a Chapter Leader Handbook. The handbook provides information for new and current chapter leaders on:

  •  Steps to Establish a New  Network Community Chapter
  • Tips on preparing for Community Chapter Meetings
  • The Benefits and Expectations of the Community Chapter
  • Mini-guide to completing or updating the Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The handbook can be found here






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