Advisory Board

The Network Advisory Board consists of appointed and elected representatives from key stakeholders in the Fire Adapted Community implementation sphere. The Board advises the Executive Coordinator of the needs of the Network members, partners or cooperators. The Board seeks support within and outside of the Network to implement Fire Adapted Community development and implementation actions. The Board also assists in the design and procedures associated with the Network program and chapters, as well as setting the strategic direction and decision making at the programmatic design level for the Network Community Chapters. The Advisory Board reports to the Nevada Fire Board, an oversight Board consisting of fire service representatives from local, state and federal fire service agencies and organizations that are charged with overseeing the Nevada Wildland Fire Cohesive Strategy. Below is the current Board configuration and representatives.

Meeting Scheduled for 10/08/18: Agenda, Draft Minutes, and Supporting Information,

Meeting Scheduled for 6/19/18: AgendaApproved Minutes, and Supporting Information

Meeting Scheduled for 6/12/18: AgendaApproved Minutes , and Supporting Information

Meeting Scheduled for 3/12/18: Agenda, Approved Minutes, and Supporting Information

Meeting Scheduled for 1/23/18: Agenda, Approved Minutes, and Supporting Information

Meeting Scheduled for 10/9/17: Agenda, Approved Minutes and Supporting Information

Meeting Scheduled for 6/21/17: Agenda, Approved Minutes


Network Coordinator Accomplishment Reports: 11/1/18,


Advisory Board Representation

Position                                             Appointing/Electing Authority                      Representative            Appointed or Elected         Term/Expiration

Southern Region Communities      Network Members                                           Vacant                            Elected                                 3 years/3-2018

Western Region Communities        Network Members                                          Tracy Visher                      Elected                            3 years/3-2019

Northeastern Region Communities   Network Members                             Melynda Sharkozy-Phillips         Elected                             3 years/6-2019

Tahoe FAC Network                       Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team                            Ann Grant                        Appointed                            1 year/3-2019

Bureau of Land Management        Bureau of Land Management                          Zachary Ellinger             Appointed                            1 year/3-2019

US Forest Service                          US Forest Service                                            Jennifer Diamond          Appointed                            1 year/3-2019

Nevada Division of Forestry            Nevada Division of Forestry                           Ryan Shane                     Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

Local Fire Service                           Nevada Fire Chiefs Association                      Mike Brown                     Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

Volunteer Fire Service                     Nevada State Firefighter’s Association          Mike Heidemann              Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

WUI Planning/Codes                    Nevada State Fire Marshal                               Bart Chambers                 Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

Landscape Industry                        Nevada Landscape Association                       Sara Anderson                Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

Insurance Industry                          Nevada Insurance Council                               Jeanette Belz                    Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

County Government                       Nevada Association of Counties                       Dagny Stapleton              Appointed                             1 year/3-2019

Mitigation Education                       UNR-Coop. Ext. Living With Fire Program      Jamie Roice-Gomes          Appointed                             1 year/6-2019

Cities                                                  Nevada League of Cities                               Wes Henderson                Appointed     1 year/3-2019

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