Fire Adapted Communities


 People living in vulnerable wildland urban interface locations, will become active members of  The Network  and form enduring partnerships with fire services and other relevant organizations and individuals to create a  community culture that continuously mitigates the wildfire threat and elevates the probability of people, structures and landscapes surviving the  occurrence of wildfire.


It is the mission of the Network to foster the wide spread occurrence of Fire Adapted Communities where people living in high fire threat locations fully prepare themselves, their homes, and the landscape where they reside to survive the destructive force of wildfire.



Current Chapter Membership

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About The Network

The Network is a program within the Nevada Division of Forestry that seeks to put Nevadans living in high fire-hazard communities in touch with the resources they need to work toward becoming fire adapted. In response to the growing wildfire threat, with over 8 million acres burned in a single year, in the last decade within the contiguous United States, The Network seeks to unite like-minded individuals who want to prepare their homes and communities before a wildfire occurs. Residents of community chapters can join with neighbors through collaborative efforts, learn of funding possibilities and of fuels management opportunities through local, state and federal agencies, offer fire services a safer and better chance of defending their homes and take comfort in work done to give their communities a greater chance of surviving a wildfire.

The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities (The Network) brings communities together with the resources they need to work toward becoming fire adapted to reduce their wildfire threat. The Network will provide member communities with education, communication and advice; facilitate collaboration between communities and stakeholders; promote CWPPs (Community Wildfire Protection Plans) and assist in their development; help communities locate grants and complete applications and track community accomplishments. Follow our progress as we develop The Network. You can also sign up for our online newsletter, The Network Pulse, to receive updates on the program, news about grant opportunities and other helpful tips to reduce the wildfire threat to your home and community. View The Network Pulse newsletters by clicking here , join our email list by clicking here , or by contacting the Coordinator Marc Titus at to receive the newsletter via email.

The operation and implementation of the Network is guided by the operating manual. All of the Network’s policies and procedures can be found in this manual. The manual is available online by following this link:  The Network Operating Manual


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Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator

Marc Titus

2478 Fairview Drive (map)
Carson City, Nevada 89701
(775) 684-2519



The Network operates with financial support from the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Division of Forestry, U.S. Forest Service, and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

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