Fire Adapted Communities

Fire Adapted Nevada Partnership 


People living in vulnerable wildland urban interface locations will become active members of their local Firewise USA chapter, Ready, Set, Go! program, and National Fire Adapted Community Learning Network to form enduring partnerships with fire services, other relevant organizations and individuals to create a community culture that continuously mitigates the threat and elevates the probability of people, structures and landscapes surviving the occurrence of wildfire.


To foster the widespread occurrence of Fire Adapted Communities where people living in threatened locations fully prepare themselves, their homes, and the landscape where they reside to survive the destructive force of wildfire.

Next Steps

Staffing Up – The partnership is seeking a Coordinator to lead partnership facilitation. Following the hiring of the Coordinator, the partnership will be hiring Regional Community Liaisons.

Firewise USA Sites –  The partnership is encouraging each community to work together to become registered as a Firewise USA site.

Ready, Set, Go! Programs – The partnership is encouraging all communities and their local fire protection service to work together to establish a Ready, Set, Go! program.

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network – The partnership is encouraging community members to become registered with this network as a means to receive educational opportunities and interact with other community members across the national that are facing similar challenges.

Living With Fire – The partnership recommends staying tuned to the Living With Fire’s website, podcasts and printed materials for educational opportunities.

Community Wildfire Protection Plans – The partnership is currently working toward renewing and updating the 17 county-wide plans across Nevada. The partnership is developing a Community Assessor Tool that will provide helpful community-specific information to support planning and status.


The Fire Adapted Nevada partnership was developed in 2020 as a response to the need to simplify fire adapted community development in Nevada and leverage existing national programs. More about the transition can be found (here).


Communities that have become registered Firewise USA sites may request assistance from NDF to implement some fuels reduction projects in and around their community.  Please use the WFPP Project Request Form to request this assistance.


Acting Fire Adapted Nevada Partnership Coordinator

Ron Bollier
2478 Fairview Drive (map)
Carson City, Nevada 89701
(775) 684-2519



The Fire Adapted Nevada partnership operates with financial support from the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Division of Forestry, U.S. Forest Service, and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

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