Fire Adapted Nevada Partnership

Step 2 - Get Prepared

Reduce your risk! Wildfire risk mitigation is achieved when you reduce the likelihood, the intensity, and the susceptibility of a wildfire on a community.  A Community Wildfire Risk Assessment (CWRA)  is one of the most important steps in the process. CWRAs are a tool to help residents understand their wildfire risk and engage in risk reduction efforts. The assessment is focused on the risk of home ignition from wildfires and will help guide residents on the most effective actions to prevent home ignitions that could result in wildfire disasters. The recommendations provided by the completed assessment will be the community's  primary tool in determining the action priorities within the site’s boundaries. A CWRA is particularly important because firefighters are uniquely respected in their communities and are a trusted voice to the public preparedness appeal. They can also explain what fire resources are available during an event and the role that individuals should play in the preparedness and early evacuation and increase the safety of residents and first responders. 


Preparedness Resources

NDF and your local fire protection district (FPD) can provide your community with a Community Wildfire Risk Assessment. If you don't know which FPD your residence or community is in, please use the “Find your local Fire Protection District” option below. Then contact the Fire Adapted Parntership Coordinator to discuss and schedule a risk assessment.

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