2018/2019 Urban & Community Forestry Grants

Apr 14th, 2017 | By | Category: Featured article, News, Urban Forestry

Urban and Community Forestry Program Grants – Open

This program provides funding to local governments, educational institutions, Native –American tribal governments and non-profit groups for urban forestry projects. It is being offered to encourage Nevada cities, towns and counties to create urban forestry programs based on a vision that recognizes the value of trees within a community. Proposed programs that foster partnerships reflecting the ongoing effort to provide healthy, safe and livable neighborhoods are highly encouraged. This grant program is part of Nevada’s ongoing initiative to provide funding for urban tree inventory and analysis, management planning, urban forestry awareness, education and outreach projects, and new urban tree plantings.

All qualifying applications will be evaluated and ranked for approval before being awarded. Grant applications are open, and are awarded on an open and continuing basis.  


Lisa Ortega
Urban Forestry Program Coordinator
4747 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
702-486-5123 ext.226
Fax: 702-486-5186   

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